Before we begin to lead a workshop in faith-sharing, a significant starting assumption is that participants understand the basics of the Christian faith, and have been in a personal relationship with Christ for a while. However, leaders should resist the temptation to give "proper instruction" to "make sure" of this. Let it go for now. The basics become clearer with every exercise.

· Read up the Makes You Wonder web and blog sites, and see if there are other leaders comments that will help you prepare. Add your comments.

· This course will NOT provide a prescription of “exactly what to say” because that approach will only disempower people. Courses like that should only be taken up later if a person shows a gifting in evangelism.

· SIZE: The workshop only works where there is a variety of input. Therefore I have found that 8 people is the absolute minimum number, and 25 a good maximum. You can vary this at your own risk, and be prepared to adjust the process. If working with 2 or 3 only, the leader will have to act as a particpant, and then add in to the feedback some other observations ‘that people sometimes make’, using the feedback sheets from the website.

· WHO? MYW is suitable for older teens (16+ girls, 18+ boys) and adults of any ethnic group, for groups with a mixture of ethnicity, and different educational levels.

· REGISTER: It is strongly suggested that participants be asked to register for the workshop in advance, and that they be charged a modest sum of money above costs. This gets ownership and attention. People with no income can be admitted free.

· PERMISSION: Any documents or images in MYW can be copied for the purposes of workshops within your own congregation, team or small group, or in preaching or in publicity about them, either in data projection, print or overhead projection. Feel free to add to these with your own selected images or resources. No other use in public is allowed.

· Therefore, if you as leader travel to a group or church other than your own, you need written permission, or be certified as a trained trainer in MYW (usually through one of our Train the Trainer workshops). Contact Ian Robinosn about that.

· PARTICIPANTS PAGES: Some pages in each of the MYW resources have been laid out for easy copying to participants so you can use them as workshop-notes or work-sheets. You can copy these or any other pages you want to. There is no other publsihed participants’ manual.


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