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All the Headaches And the Heartaches

By Ian Robinson

“Go with your gut” they tell me. “Follow the Energy” they say.

But which one? What level of emotion matters the most? What intuitions are patterns of feelings that are put on me, and which are me? And which are you? If I am making a decision or choosing who to partner with….

There are fifteen layers inside everyone, each of which generates its own “gut feeling”. They all come into play when we engage with deep thinking. Under pressure, these are the voices we will obey, unless we have a spiritual way of listening larger. These layers are part of what makes us who we are. If we lack a vantage point we will be left with a source of all our blindness, blinkers, bias, anger, bigotry or foolishness.

Ask yourself:


What information do you have already which distorts what you now say?

What assumptions do you have about how one knows something is true?

What spiritual encounters from your past are still exerting pressure on you?


What racial or cultural mindsets censor and dominate your thinking?

What type of personality do you have, which tips you towards certain things naturally?

What level of education equips you for sorting out issues and how does it limit your ways of thinking?


How are your parental relationships shaping your attitudes in the present?

What will your friends and loved ones think/say if you start to think differently?

What are the emergent needs and pressures that arise from your current life stage?


If you have been victim of crime, how is that influencing your capacity to connect?

If you have had a major disease, how is that influencing your capacity to take risks?

If you have a battered self-esteem, and its compensating egotism, how will your confidence deal truly with the need to change?


How will Jesus affect the holiness of your sex life?

How will Jesus affect the way you deal with generosity over money.

How will Jesus affect the way you respond to issues of control, authority and power?

No conclusion. No answers. Your answers, your guts really matter, and you do have to discern, sorry.

I believe in you and so does God.


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