Research has shown that it is so much better if the skills and exercises in the MYW workshop can be close at hand to every group and congregation. So, we have been equipping others to lead this workshop. This one workshop will not do it all, but it makes real progress and it sets many other good things going.

It is best, in a region or in a denomination, if someone is appointed to be a catalyst for the MYW workshop and as a coordinator of leaders.


The people who can best lead this workshop are usually not acknowledged ‘evangelists’, and usually not professional counsellors (though they are not excluded), but ‘teachers’ or ‘pastors’ who have a heart for evangelism, a great desire to ‘do the work of an evangelist’ as Timothy heard from Paul. It is important that they be able to listen and learn as well as talk about faith sharing. They must have stories of their own to share and some capacity to open their heart to others. They do not have to be like Ian Robinson. They do have to be able to understand the frameworks in this workshop, and be able to think in ‘categories’ in the way they handle group responses. To do this requires a certain capacity for "thinking on your feet".


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