ROOM, SPACE , EQUIPMENT – some good ideas

1. Hold the workshop in a room that is welcoming, light, airy, with enough space for the size of rhe group including when they are spread a bit into buzz groups. A room which "normally seats forty" (40 square metres) will hold a MYW workshop of twenty.

2. Arrange chairs in a semi circle, or at very least a square if they are benches, and durung the day keep rearranging them as you want, because chairs move to and fro. Give people clear lines of vision to the white baord or screen, past uprights and other equipment.

3. Make sure you have the screen, projector, whiteboard, paper sheets or whatever in sufficient quantity, and large enough to be visible from the back of the group. Be aware thet yellow and orange are hard to read. Use several colours of blue, green, dark red and black. Highlight only with red, for it is hard on the eyes when used a lot. Take some paint-friendly tape or blu-tack if necessary to stick paper sheets up, and work out in advance where and how you will do this ( you may need to get permission for stick-ups). Have all these materials ready for easy use.

4. Bring your MYW Leader’s Notes, your own notes, slides, butchers paper or/and transparencies. Have them set out on a table in sequence and ready for your use. Funny how the obvious things can be forgotten. How do I know?!

5. Write out the agenda with approximate times, and coordinate times with organisers, caterers, and participants. You may feel as the workshop proceeds that you should vary your selected topics, just let the others know.

6. It is more comfortable to move to another room for tea or coffee breaks, if possible, and let your room air.

7. Straighten the chairs and tidy up during breaks, or even better, pre-arrange for your hosts, the local coordinator, to do so. It feels great and participants feel cared for, when they return. It is an act of hospitality and constitutes a way of modelling the MYW values of biblical faith-sharing.


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