Most of MYW is directed towards Christians who seek to increase their capacity and authenticity in faith sharing, called “Makes You Wonder”. However, some combinations of these sessions are so open- ended that they make a good workshop in spiritual exploration with not-yet-Christians, and we call this a “Wonder Workshop”, but you can improve on that title, I am sure. I will return to this specific option below.

Each module of Makes You Wonder has a mixture of exercises, listed under ten topics. Try to use a variety so that participants are stretched to work in multiple ways. Some are short some are long. Some exercises you need to do from beginning to end, some you can cut and paste to your own purposes. You choose. I have some concrete suggestions to make below.

The time available is the biggest limiting factor in most places. If there are more participants, each session takes longer. Maybe you have one hour at the church camp. Maybe you have a sermon on a Sunday morning. Usually, when they trust you, people will give you three sessions in their small group. When you are finished that, you can ask if they would like to schedule more sessions. Don’t forget that each session must include prayer for the people we know who may come to love Jesus.

Here are just some suggestions from recent sessions that I have led. You can vary these as much as you like. I ALWAYS write myself a list, with an estimate of how long each topic will go. It is only respectful to stick to time, and so this habit models the value of respect which is so important in faith-sharing.


These are only suggestions. It depends on you and them and how many and how much time. The suggestions below demonstrate variety of approaches. Leaders must become aware of their favourite bias.


· Why are you still a Christian?

· Biblical Evangelism


· Finding Parables

· MMMotivations

· How to Help Someone Decide?

· The Gifts we Give

· The Four Loves

· Standstill

· Smell of God

THREE SESSIONS of 90minutes

  1. My Story – MMMotivations, Why are still a Christian?
  2. Your Story –How to Help Someone Decide? Hearing You.
  3. The Story –What was so special? Biblical Evangelism. Y Question-suffering.


1. Finding Parables, Imago, Y Question-Hypocrisy,

2. Standstill, Smell of God,Y Question -Evidences

3. Nitpick, Y Question-Sacrifice, Hearing points


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