In this fifth series of Makes You Wonder, the RESOURCES will help you to use all this material in your church or group, and provide you with strong discussion-starters. Leaders Training Notes are included, and you are encouraged to find ways to use these exercises that we have never thought of. This section is free to download and use with the following citation: “ Used with Permission from: Makes You Wonder by Ian Robinson, Tall Trees ReSource 2012 ”.

There are also many more resources on the MYW website, including discussion forums in which we ask you to share your feedback and ideas.

Hey, can you help someone?

You are encouraged to contribute to help others to lead these exercises.

Become part of an exciting movement of empowerment and equipping.

· Upload your suggestions. Got an idea for a new exercise?

· Tell us what worked and why.

· Take a photo and upload your whiteboard for each exercise.

How do I do that? Easy.

Each series has its own WordPress blog site.

From email below, or by adding comments on site, you can respond broadly or to a particular exercise.

Upload a photo of your discussion, add an idea, make a suggestion.

Read other people’s ideas.

Here are the email addresses to upload material. I f I don’t like it, I will delete it.

My Story MYW1 reri836yeca

Your Story MYW2 fequ450teza

Our Story MYW3 jazi085bibo

The Story MYW4 raro656doba

Leaders Resources MYW5 huke453kitu

OR Access everything the through one site – www.talltrees.org.au.

AND Keep up to date with new ideas and new exercises by getting an RSS feed.

WHAT MORE? As well as Leaders Notes and Training The Trainers guidelines,

there is a heap of other Articles and Resources,

some are free and some are merely inexpensive.


Follow Ian Robinson on Twitter: #UWAUCAchaplain

Rev Dr Ian Robinson

Chaplains’ Web: www.spirituallife.uwa.edu.au

Ian’s Blog: www.wa.uca.org.au/uwachaplain

Ian’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/UWAUCAchaplain


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