This Leader’s Resources contains tips and strategies related to over 60 exercises in MYW. The key to this is NOT in listening to the leader’s smarts and experience but in everyone’s participation with mind, heart and voice, brought together by the leader. I know some will be challenged by this, but it is a challenge worth meeting.

We do not usually go linearly one after the other after the other. The leader must select from the options for the group’s needs and for the time available. Normally, start with MY STORY. You could even make up your own exercises, once you get the hang of this –share it with us on the MYW website. Photograph the feedback Frame for each exercise and send it in too, clearly named. Your experience will help others.

Here are the three main learning methods.

1.Setting the Question

The major learning method is "the set question". There are no role-plays. Most "questions" require each person, in a buzz group of three, to have a turn and have ago at answering the question in their own words. The buzz group takes some time to talk it over before the leader gathers everyone’s thoughts, by writing and sorting their Feedback into a practical Framework (this is provided). That way, no one gets embarrassed, everyone’s thoughts are included, and they are trying new things safely. For managing the feedback into Frameworks, you need a large whiteboard or similar. When the feedback is in the Frame, take some discussion time together. The leader’s task is to affirm, categorise and summarise.

2. Fresh Options: Mini Case-studies

The second major learning method is situational, using a series of mini case-studies. You don’t need a board for these, though you may choose to print off the worksheet. The aim is to spin off fresh possibilities, expand horizons, introduce a new repertoire of possibilities to people’s thinking. The leader will affirm, probe further, pull back speculations to the likely or possible, present other possibilities.

3.The Assignment and Follow Up

There is an assignment for homework, and it is the most difficult part to accomplish. It is an assignment in hospitality, backed up by Prayer. It is to be undertaken for six weeks from the start of the workshop, then a follow-up meeting. Set the date for the follow-up while still together for the first time. Covenant with the local local coordinator to do this at a set date. The workshop leader should diarise to phone the coordinator and give encouragement. It is so easy to be slack, to conspire in silence together to avoid this. At this follow up meeting of thirty to sixty minutes, only three questions are discussed.

· "What has God done?"

· "What have we learned?”

· "What shall we do next?"

Overall, MYW participants are experiencing the processes of a fairly normal conversation. They are learning how to talk and listen and how to be their Christian selves – that’s all they have to do. It is not a small thing. Their words will be valued by others. They will hear themselves making just as much sense as anyone else. They will experience some development of their capacity to converse in faithful and authentic ways. This authentic self will mirror the love of Christ. It will bridge the gap of credibility.

We warn people about the possible distraction of taking down too many notes, except as an aid to concentration. "Whatever you have gained by the end of the workshop itself is all you are going to gain for now". I am fond of assuring people that they will outgrow “what they learn today in 6-12 months” and will need to seek more stretching exercises from MYW. One person did this workshop four times and received something different and better each time.

Please fill in the feedback sheets and get them back to us.

Ready set go!


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