A prayer when God seems silent

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A prayer when God seems silent

Hear our cries, God.

We have uttered sore syllables of pain,

Sought for signs and begged for deliverance,

But you did not answer.

Have you heard us?

We did not pray just for ourselves,

but you seemed to lack even our level of concern.

Did you ignore the situation?

We were moved by pain and death, ongoing fear and stress.

What were you doing?

Yes, what were you doing?

Did you utter the cry for justice and were ignored?

Did you address in values the nation’s leaders

while they just counted the surplus?

Did you hold up your Son as THE model of leadership

While they preferred heroes?

Did you speak the Word afresh and send new prophets

but they were buried alive?

Did you send people who refused to go?

Did you seek faith-living persons but found lifestyle-lovers?

We remember that

This lasting peace that you promised

Can not be done on earth as it is heaven

If you keep making sudden interventions.

We know that

we would just take you more and more for granted.

We remember that

This lasting love you promised

Can only come from building connections

Between people of love and justice.

Already we have been given more than enough.

Now, we are wondering,

Was it us you were sending?

Was it us who had to move?

to share? To learn? To listen?

We had other noises in our ears,

The call to wealth, to be seen to ‘be sensible’,

the call to self-fulfillment,

the call to rational control, the call to worldly status,

the attraction of pride and possession,

the deadly appetites that we dress up with the word ‘passions’,

and, oh yes, simple greed and stupidity.

Tune our ears to you.

Make us less ‘sensible’ and more ‘sendable’

In the name of Christ, Amen


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